Massed marching bands

Discover more about the bands that took part in the 2019 Birmingham Tattoo

Racing dogs and much more

From racing dogs to Rangerettes there is something for all the family

Supporting our troops

We are pleased to support charities that help veterans and serving troops

Spectacular displays

Experience the thrill of the spectacular displays at the Birmingham Tattoo

Getting to the Arena

For details of how to get to the Arena and many other questions answered

Don't want to drive?

There are many coach companies across the UK bringing people to the Tattoo

Expected concourse exhibitors at the Birmingham International Tattoo


About the Birmingham International Tattoo

The Birmingham International Tattoo is Britain's biggest indoor tattoo (a type of military type tournament) featuring marching bands, pipes & drums, field gun racing, dog racing and culminating in a spectacular Grand Finale.

Whether you prefer the Massed Marching Bands, the Exciting Displays or the splendour of the spectacular Grand Finale there is something for everyone at the Birmingham International Tattoo at the Utilita Arena Birmingham (formerly the Arena Birmingham) on Saturday 27th November 2021 at 6pm and Sunday 28th November 2021 at 2pm.

Join us at the next Birmingham Tattoo which will be held in 2021 or come to one of our Royal Marines Christmas Spectaculars.

Please bear with us as we update the website following today's announcement

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