2019 Message from the Tattoo Producer

Many of you are already aware of our Birmingham International Tattoo which brings together over 1,200 performers each year to the Arena Birmingham (previously known as the Barclaycard Arena). This year, our 31st, we have a tremendous line-up of performers led by the Band and Corps of Drums of Her Majesty’s Royal Marines. They will be joined by musicians from Poland, France, The Netherlands and others from across the UK in our spectacular three hour event. This year we are commemorating the 75th anniversary of the D-Day landings.

All the other popular elements of the Tattoo are also present this year and whether you prefer the massed marching bands, the exciting displays or the splendour of the Grand Finale there is something for everyone at this year’s special Tattoo at the Arena Birmingham on Saturday 23rd November at 6pm and Sunday 24th November at 2pm. More information is given on the pages of this website.

The Birmingham Tattoo is very proud to have supported many charities over many years. In recent years our focus has been on supporting The Royal Star & Garter Homes and through your generosity we have been able to donate approximately £110,000 to this worthy cause. As a charity, The Royal Star & Garter Homes do not receive any direct government funding and rely heavily on donations from supporters to continue their work and to ensure that they can care for the nation’s military family for generations to come. Once again we are committed to supporting this excellent cause, especially as one of their homes is in nearby Solihull.

In addition, we are also supporting another charity – Troop Aid – which is a small local charity based in Solihull with worldwide reach. The objective of Troop Aid is to supply the basic essentials in an emergency pack when British Troops are injured in operations or training. Their Grab Bags are sent to Cyprus, Canada, Kenya, Nepal, South Sudan, Brunei plus MOD hospital units in UK.

We would especially like to thank you our audience, for all your support in ensuring the success of the Birmingham Tattoo and our other concerts over the past 31 years and hope you and your family can join us at this year’s special events.

Norman M Rogerson MBE,

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