The bands below were due to perform at the 2022 Birmingham International Tattoo in September

We are currently looking at the availability of bands for the February 2023 dates and the details below may be subject to change.

Marching band 2022

The Massed International Bands

The Birmingham Tattoo would not be complete without the massed international bands who as well as performing individually also come together for the Spectacular Grand Finale each day.

Marching band 2022

British Army Band Sandhurst

British Army Band Sandhurst is one of 14 regular Army bands in the Royal Corps of Army Music. Formed in 2019, the band is the first to be permanently based at the Royal Military Academy Sandhurst since the disbandment of the Royal Military Academy Band in 1984. The band supports a diverse range of national and Defence interests both at home and around the world.

Marching band 2022

British Army Band Colchester

British Army Band Colchester is one of 14 regular Army bands in the Royal Corps of Army Music. The band was formed as a result of Military Music Optimisation on 1st of September 2019. The Band incorporates The Band of The Parachute Regiment, The Band of The Army Air Corps, and The Band of The Queens Division, maintaining the prestigious Regimental and Cap badge heritage.

Marching band 2022

The French Parachute Band (Musique des Parachutistes)

The Parachute Band (Musique des Parachutistes) is a Toulouse-based military band of the French Army. The band's origins date back to 1888 and it has seen various restructuring and many designations over the years. On January 1st 2011 it was placed under the immediate command of the Army Military Conservatory of Music (CMMAT) and its director. At that time, this band became the paratroopers band and airborne troops ambassador.

Marching band 2022

The Band of the Polish Border Guard

The Polish Border Guard Band is the only military band utilizing traditional folk instruments in its parade drill show. Some of these instruments are: “trombity beskidzkie” – similar to alphorns, “dudy podhalanskie”- Podhalanian bagpipes, shepherd bells called “zbyrcoki” and, as the mace, a traditional, ornamental mountaineer’s axe called “ciupaga”, in the hand of the drum major.

Marching band 2022

The Regimental Bands, Pipes & Drums of the Black Watch, Argyll and Southern Highlanders, and Gwent & Powys Army Cadet Force

Music has played an important role in the Army Cadet Force since its formation in 1859 and continues to do so to this day, providing young musicians with experiences and memories that last a lifetime.

Marching band 2022

The National Marching Band

The National Marching Band includes members drawn from many individual youth marching bands. All the bands adopt the style of the British Military. Some of the member bands are also active members of the Scout & Guide Association, The Boys and Girls Brigade and the Church Lads and Church Girls Brigade.

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